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Don’t let immigration issues back you out of your New Zealand dream. There are solutions to most visa problems INZ (Immigration New Zealand) may find in your application – they vary from Waivers, Special Directions and Appeals, to name a few. However, all remedies require timely and expert handling. We have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your goal.

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Got bad news from the INZ? Fret not, check your options:

INZ is not on your side when it comes to granting you a New Zealand visa or helping you move ahead with your immigration plans. It is their job to find immigration issues in your case, so you cannot blame them for things like visa rejections, PPI letters and deportation orders.
What you need is someone on your side, someone who knows the New Zealand laws like the back of their hand and has the experience to pull you through the rut. Our Auckland-based immigration professionals are dedicated to providing the best support to people like you in distress. We handle all sorts of immigration issues, here is a partial list.
Has the INZ sent you a PPI letter? The immigration officer handling your application has spotted some concerns in your visa application that may hurt the result and needs more information to proceed. It is critical to respond with the requested information quickly.
INZ has to be absolutely sure of your good character before approving you a visa. Your presence in the country must not present any threat or ruin New Zealand’s reputation in the world. A Character Waiver or Special Direction can take care of your character issues.
Health is considered a crucial factor by the INZ when deciding the fate of your temporary or resident New Zealand visa. If you have any medical issue, you will not be able to obtain your visa unless you get a Medical Waiver to take care of your health condition.
You have somehow ended up living in New Zealand beyond the expiration date on your visa. INZ has not issued a Deportation Liability Notice for you, so there is still time. Make a Section 61 request to turn your stay into a legal one. Remember, time is running out.
Has INZ rejected your visa or ordered your deportation? Approach the Immigration and Protection Tribunal and file an immigration appeal to overturn the verdict. Give your New Zealand dream another chance – contact us, we know how to do it.
You can’t get your New Zealand visa as you do not qualify as per INZ regulations. What you need is a magic pill to make the “unfavourable” condition go away. A Special Direction can help you overcome the hurdles placed by such rules – the Minister can issue one to help you get around.
Have you been rubbed the wrong way by the INZ? Make a formal complaint in their Complaints and Feedback system to get a response from the INZ. The only problem is that the system is known to reject most complaints – we can get your grievance heard.
Are you facing deportation from New Zealand? You can make a deportation appeal with the Immigration and Protection Tribunal to overturn the decision. However, you only have a short window of time to do this in. Don’t waste time – contact us now.

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INZ is not going to help you solve your immigration issue, and the internet is full of misleading information. Get the best in the business to work for your interest. There is a lot at stake here – your life may completely change if you lose the opportunity of getting your New Zealand visa.
Immigration Advisers NZ has been around for a long time and hires the best immigration professionals in the business. You can count on us to leave no stones unturned in helping you come out a winner in your fight against your immigration issues. Click here to book an absolutely free consultation session to check your options.

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