Visas to Live Permanently in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the safest, peaceful and least-corrupt countries in the world. You get to enjoy the freedom of movement you deserve – your family can engage in activities of their liking without any fear. We can help you make this beautiful country your permanent home by helping you get New Zealand Permanent Residency.

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New Zealand scores highly (2nd out of 64 countries polled by Expat Insider survey) on “ease of settling in”. So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the permanent residency NZ offers and enjoy the benefits of being part of this family-friendly, safe and healthy community.
We know all about the New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa and will be happy to help you in the process. Here is some information on this coveted path to living permanently in the country.

Why would you want to get a New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa?

New Zealand permanent residency is your ticket to a whole new experience of living in the country that allows you to:
  • Live indefinitely
  • Work unrestricted
  • Study anything anywhere in New Zealand
  • Avail the benefits of social security
  • Use subsidized medical facilities
  • Travel in and out of the country without any restrictions
  • Make your partner and dependent children (less than 24 years) part of your New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa application – provided you had made them part of your original NZ Resident Visa
  • Sponsor permanent residency of other family members
  • Apply for citizenship after living in New Zealand for some time – Immigration New Zealand (INZ) would like to see that you have met all the conditions of your New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa and have a genuine intent of living in the country forever.
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What criteria do you need to satisfy to qualify for a New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa?

This path to permanent residency NZ offers is highly coveted, and Immigration New Zealand scrutinizes the applications very carefully – which means that you must satisfy a lot of requirements and provide ample documentation to convince the INZ. Here are the main highlights of what you will need:
  • Identity proof
  • Evidence proving good character – police certificates will be required
  • Resident Visa that has not been interrupted in the last 24 months and its expiration date must not fall in the previous 3 months
  • To have satisfied all the terms of your NZ Resident Visa
  • Documentation to prove your devotion towards living in New Zealand forever – one of the things INZ looks for is a stay of 184 days/year or more in the last 2 years
If you were not the principal applicant on the original resident visa and are applying for New Zealand permanent residency ahead of the primary visa beneficiary, you will need to get a non-principal exception.
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What are the INZ regulations around New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa for non-principal applicants?

Strictly speaking, family included in the original resident visa application are prohibited from getting their New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa before the primary applicant receives his/her permanent residency NZ has to offer.
However, INZ does allow non-principal applicants to obtain an NZ Permanent Resident Visa ahead of the primary applicant under extraordinary circumstances. It is best to work under expert immigration guidance to make a foolproof New Zealand Permanent Residency case in such situations.
If you are a non-principal applicant who wants to take advantage of the permanent residency NZ offers before the primary applicant, get in touch with our experienced immigration consultants. We have the expertise to help you gain New Zealand Permanent Residency, even in the face of glaring immigration complexities. Contact us to book a totally free consultation slot.

What is the cost and processing time for getting a New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa?

You can expect to see INZ’s decision on your visa application for the permanent residency NZ offers within 20 days. However, if you have had any issues with the terms of your resident visa or have any Medical Issues and/or Character Issues that need more evidence, it may lead to an extended processing time.
Our dedicated team of immigration professionals works hard to help you attain New Zealand permanent residency in the fastest time and least cost possible. Book an entirely free consultation with us to discuss your case with one of our immigration advisers.