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Immigration Advisers NZ is your one-stop-shop for New Zealand Immigration. We have gathered the most qualified immigration advisors in the industry to help you with the trickiest of New Zealand immigration situations. Our highly experienced experts are dedicated to helping you achieve your New Zealand dream.

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New Zealand Immigration - More Than Just a Move

We believe that New Zealand immigration should be more than just moving here. Our New Zealand immigration consultants strive to serve you with tailor-made solutions to maximize the potential of your stay in the country, so that you can meet your long-term objectives.
New Zealand Immigration Advice
New Zealand offers something for everyone. Every immigration advisor on our team is dedicated to getting you the best you deserve, so you can make it to the top by utilizing the resources the country provides – our New Zealand immigration consultants do more than just getting you in.
Team of Licensed Immigration Advisers
You will be in the hands of the best immigration consultants Auckland and its surroundings host. Not only will you get open advice, but our highly qualified immigration advisors will also guide you through the most complicated New Zealand immigration situations to help you succeed.

Our New Zealand immigration consultants give you wings to fly

Multiple visitor visa options for individuals and groups to travel to New Zealand on short trips – NZeTA for select countries.
Unlock the gates to excellent New Zealand education recognized all over the world. Pick a study visa based on your career goals.
Get a temporary or resident work visa to join the New Zealand workforce and experience the unique work culture of the country.
New Zealand is one of the safest, peaceful and least-corrupt countries in the world – make it your permanent home.
Family visas help your dependent children, partners, parents and grandparents join you in the family-friendly environment.
Profit from the free markets while you mix your entrepreneurial aspirations with safety, healthiness and family-friendliness.

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With us, you are in the hands of some of the most competent immigration consultants Auckland has. Immigration New Zealand keeps changing its regulations frequently. We keep a close eye on the developments, so you get the most updated advice.
We have licensed immigration professionals on your team, so that you can count on us for accurate immigration guidance – our expertise does not come from the internet, it is the result of intense training and years of experience.
We take pride in being the most principled immigration adviser Auckland has to offer. We live by these guiding values in all our dealings:
  • Customer first – we offer solutions to serve your best interest, even if we have to make extra efforts.
  • Openness and reliability – we never indulge in malpractice and misinformation to make a quick buck.
  • Dependable – our customers never have to worry about application deadlines and documentation concerns, we always stay on top.
With us, you have the backing of the most trusted immigration consultants Auckland hosts. You never have to second-guess our New Zealand immigration guidance. Our customers entrust us with all sorts of confidential information, so that we can find the best solutions for them. We do not sell your personal information like many others.
Trust us to serve you with the best personalized immigration service to help you achieve your long-term New Zealand immigration goals. Book a 100% free consultation to see why we are your best choice.