Visas to Work in New Zealand

INZ offers many temporary and resident work visas to help you join the New Zealand workforce and experience the unique work culture of the country. Pick a work visa NZ offers from the bouquet of options at your disposal. We can help you choose the New Zealand Work Visa that best fits your current situation and future immigration goals.

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Looking to apply for a work visa NZ offers? There is more than one to pick from!

Before INZ considers your application for any work visa NZ provides (temporary or resident), you will need to either have an employment offer or be already working in New Zealand. If you have the work experience and the skills required to be successful in an occupation New Zealand has a shortfall of talent in, you will have access to excellent opportunities.
You can apply for a work visa NZ offers but you must choose from the multiple New Zealand Work Visas provided by the INZ – a wrong choice may get you working in New Zealand but may not be the most optimal choice to meet your NZ immigration goals. Do not let the opportunity go waste, let our Auckland-based team of licensed immigration experts guide you, so you get the right work visa NZ offers to maximize your potential.
A New Zealand employer has offered you a position that they could not fill with a local New Zealander. If you have the needed experience and qualifications to perform the job, you are the right candidate for this New Zealand Work Visa.
Looking to use the time you spend working in New Zealand to count towards qualifying for residency? Consider a work visa NZ offers under the Work to Residence category – we can help you choose the right visa for your situation.
Are you from a country New Zealand has made a working holiday arrangement with? If yes, apply for this New Zealand Work Visa and spend most of your visa term holidaying in the country while you do some work or study on the side.
Do you have the experience, qualifications and skills New Zealand needs? Accumulate points for things like your qualifications, work experience, age and employment offer in a specialized work area – get invited by the INZ to apply for the resident visa.

How do you pick between the various New Zealand Work Visas?

All the above visas to work have separate qualification requirements, different processes and varying processing times. You need to pick not only based on what gets you a work visa NZ provides quickly, but also look at your long term immigration goals while making the best of your qualifications and experience.
Our team of immigration experts is dedicated to helping you make the right decision so you can maximize your potential. We study your case carefully, so we leave nothing out and help you apply for a work visa NZ provides for your situation. Not only that, we do it in the most effective and cost-efficient manner possible. Contact us to book your complimentary consultation session – 100% free.

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