Visas For Parents And Grandparents

Bring your parents and grandparents to New Zealand on a resident or visitor visa. INZ offers multiple Parent Visa NZ options, and we can help you choose the best path to meet your current situation and future needs.

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Which Parent Visa New Zealand offers is right for you?

New Zealand is a country with a richly diverse culture and welcoming people. You have multiple options when it comes to choosing the right Parent Visa NZ provides, so that they can experience the healthy, family-friendly and safe living environment of New Zealand. Here are your choices:

Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa

Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa allows your older family members to visit you and your family in New Zealand and enjoy the country’s breath-taking scenery, fun and adventure.
What is the length of stay allowed for a Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa? This parent visa New Zealand offers allows your folks to spend up to 6 months in the country on each visit – this is a multiple entry visa, which means they can enter the country more than once. Note that the maximum stay allowed on this parent visa NZ in any three years is 18 months.

What can your older folks do with their Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa?

On this visitor visa, they are allowed to:
  • Enter and leave New Zealand multiple times during the time their visa is valid
  • Visit their children and grandchildren in the country
  • Make their partner part of their visa application
  • Interact freely with the local New Zealand population while they enjoy the country
Parent and Grandparent visa applications must be made from outside New Zealand – this visa category does not allow the beneficiaries to work during their stay in the country.

How do you qualify for the New Zealand Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa?

This parent resident visa New Zealand provides must be sponsored by a grandchild, direct child or any of their parents living in the country. The sponsors must satisfy INZ’s requirements to qualify – some of the factors are financial viability, the period of residence, criminal history and immigration past.
The visa applicants must not have any Medical Issues or Character Issues. They must show a genuine intent to meet Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa conditions – this includes proving relationship with the visa sponsor and convincing INZ that the sponsor and the visitor(s) will handle all medical expenses.
This is not the complete list of requirements to be satisfied to get a Parent and Grandparent Visa approval – you must work with an NZ immigration expert to convince INZ and avoid visa delay or outright rejection. Our Auckland based immigration experts have many years of experience in helping Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa applicants from many countries. Book a 100% free consultation slot to discuss your situation.

Parent Resident Visa

If you are an adult New Zealand resident or citizen who makes enough to meet sponsorship conditions that parent resident visa NZ requires, you may support your parents’ visa application to move them to the country permanently.
Your parent(s) will need to send an expression of interest (EOI) to the INZ stating that they qualify for this parent visa New Zealand provides and show that they will be sponsored by one of their children (who may also do this with support of their partner). They can submit a formal New Zealand Parent Visa application once INZ invites them to do so.
Note that for the parent resident visa NZ requires that the visa applicant(s) do not have any dependent children, and there is also a yearly cap of 1000 approvals on this NZ visa category. The annual limit means that you may still not get invited even if you satisfy all the conditions of the NZ Parent Resident Visa.
Parent Resident Visa allows the beneficiaries to stay in New Zealand indefinitely, and they are allowed to work and study during their time here – they also have the option of including their partner in their parent resident visa NZ application.

What conditions are imposed on the sponsor of a New Zealand Parent Resident Visa?

The sponsor must meet the following obligations for 10 years after the parent resident visa NZ has been approved:
  • Ensure a fitting accommodation for the parents/grandparents
  • Meet the welfare and health needs of the older family members on this NZ resident visa
  • If a need arises, pay all costs related to the repatriation and deportation of the visa recipients
If the sponsor receives Work and Income welfare payments during this tenure, INZ will consider this a breach of sponsorship obligations – this may lead to the deportation of the parents/grandparents.
Besides the above, the sponsors will need to provide evidence of their annual income in the form of Inland Revenue tax statements to prove they satisfy the income requirements for two out of three years before the resident visa application is made.
The new rules for New Zealand Parent Resident Visa also take away the option of using parent’s settlement funds or their guaranteed lifetime income to satisfy the financial eligibility for this NZ visa category.
Immigration Advisers NZ has been following the recent sweeping changes made by the INZ to the Parent Resident Visa – we are well equipped to provide you with the latest and accurate information. Book your free consultation slot to speak with our licensed immigration consultants.

Parent Retirement Resident Visa

Of all the choices you have to get visas for parents and grandparents, the most popular option is the New Zealand Parent Retirement Resident Visa – as long as you can meet the qualification criteria for this visa category.

What are the qualification criteria for New Zealand Parent Retirement Resident Visa?

To qualify for the NZ Parent Retirement Resident Visa, here are the main requirements for you to satisfy INZ; you must:
  • Have an adult child who is a New Zealand citizen or resident
  • Be earning at least NZ$ 60,000 annually
  • Show NZ$ 50,000 in funds to take care for your living expenditures
  • Invest NZ$ 1 million for 4 years in New Zealand – these funds must be transferred to the country in less than 12 months after your visa is approved
INZ will consider your permanent residency application after you have kept the required funds invested in New Zealand for 4 years.
The parent visa New Zealand provides will allow you to enter and exit the country multiple times for the first 2 years – you will need to get a variation of conditions approved after this to continue travelling by providing proof of your investments.

How much time and money does it take to get Visas for Parents and Grandparents?

Typically, visas for parents and grandparents are processed by the INZ within 4 to 18 months. Delays may be introduced due to personal situations that may necessitate a higher level of evidence gathering and presentation.
We know how to put together a foolproof application to get you the right parent visa NZ offers quickly and that too without a high price tag. We do this by researching your case carefully and meticulously putting together your financial and sponsorship documents in the form INZ prefers.
Our dedicated team of immigration professionals leaves no stone unturned in getting your New Zealand Visa efficiently and cost-effectively. Book an absolutely free consultation to seek our expert advice.

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