Pathway Student Visa

Immigration New Zealand offers you the opportunity to pursue study in up to 3 consecutive courses by getting just one single student visa – get your Pathway Student Visa and stay in New Zealand for up to 5 years while you finish your courses, one at a time.

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Immigration New Zealand (INZ) started the Pathway Student Visa pilot program in December 2015. Pathway Student Visa allows international students to stay in New Zealand for up to 5 years and pursue studies in a maximum of 3 consecutive courses – the beauty is that you do not have to apply for a separate visa for each one.
This visa is only valid for attending selected courses with INZ approved Pathway education providers.
The Pathway Student Visa pilot program will run through January 2021 and will then be turned into a permanent visa category.

What are the qualification criteria for Pathway Student Visa?

INZ has laid down the following qualification criteria for you to obtain a New Zealand Pathway Student Visa; you must:
  • Submit proof of identity
  • Prove good health – a Health Waiver will be required for medical issues
  • Document a history of good character – this includes providing police certificates. You will need to acquire a Special Direction or Character Waiver to take care of character issues
  • Show sincere intent to fulfil visa terms
  • Produce documentation from the Pathway education provider to prove enrolment in the Pathway Student Visa pilot program – a joint letter will be needed if you plan on studying with multiple providers
  • Get separate placement offer letters from all Pathway education providers you plan on taking courses with
  • Show adequate finances to fund your education
  • Establish financial capacity for supporting your stay in the country
  • Procure a ticket to leave the country after finishing your study plan or provide documentation to convince INZ that you are covered for the onward travel expenses
  • Maintain medical and travel insurance for the duration of your stay in New Zealand
  • Furnish information regarding your study courses and scheduled holidays
  • Produce evidence of course requirements that mandate practical work experience
  • Prove your regularity in attending your courses and passing them – INZ does consider legitimate reasons for absence at its discretion
The list of documents to satisfy the requirements of the Pathway Student Visa can be even bigger than what is mentioned above – it all depends on your situation. Do not risk delay or denial of your student visa application. Work with an experienced immigration expert who can guide you through the application process. Licensed immigration professionals from Immigration Advisers NZ know the ins and outs of the Pathway Student Visa Process. Book a completely free consultation slot to speak with our immigration consultants.

How long can you stay in New Zealand on Pathway Student Visa?

You can stay in New Zealand for a maximum of 5 years on a Pathway Student Visa. Your student visa duration is kept long enough to allow you to get through your pathway education schedule.
On a Pathway Student Visa, you can:
  • Undertake study in 3 courses attending one at a time on the same student visa
  • Undertake part-time work for up to 20 hours per week when school is on and full-time when the school is closed for holidays
However, this visa does not allow you to make your partner and dependent children part of your visa application – however, they are free to apply for their NZ visas based on how they are related to you.
After finishing your 1st course, you must be in a position to fulfil the pre-requisites for the 2nd and so on – INZ wants to see your progress on the courses that are part of your pathway study plan.
You must stay with your parents/legal guardians if you have not yet attained the age of 9 years – an NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) facility is also acceptable. If you wish to work and are less than 18 years old, you will need written permission from your parents or local guardians before you can do so.

How much money and time does it take to get a Pathway Student Visa?

Typically, Pathway Student Visas get adjudicated by the INZ within 83 days. However, complicating factors in your case that may lead to PPI (Potentially Prejudicial Information) letters may delay the process.
Our immigration experts work out of our Auckland office, so you can walk in for a personal consultation if you are in the area. We spend a lot of effort upfront in studying your case to come up with a foolproof application – this helps us reduce rework, keep costs down and avoid delays while achieving high rates of success.
Let our expert immigration advisers get your Pathway Student Visa quickly and affordably. Book your 100% free consultation slot to discuss your case.

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