Global Impact Visa (GIV)

The goal of the Global Impact Visa (GIV) is to attract the best visionaries, entrepreneurs, investors and start-up teams who show the potential to make a positive and lasting impact not only on New Zealand but on the planet. This work visa works in tandem with the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF). See if you qualify and what the process looks like, we are here to help.

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Global Impact Work Visa is an ideal vehicle for you to work in New Zealand while you use your stay in the country to support or establish ground-breaking enterprises in the country. INZ also allows you to work towards permanent residency once you have satisfied the terms of your Global Impact Visa.
You have to start your GIV journey by getting accepted in the EHF.

How can you get accepted by Edmund Hillary Fellowship?

Before you start looking at what it takes to be accepted to the fellowship, note that EHF runs its selection process twice a year and only admits 100 candidates annually. The applicants come from many countries. Investors and entrepreneurs based in New Zealand may also apply.
EHF seeks extraordinary people who excel at applying innovative methods to create a lasting positive impact on the entire civilization – these folks work on creating organized ways to solve cultural, social, economic or environmental problems.
The foundation awards fellowships to teams and entrepreneurs who have made it their mission to work in start-ups and can take advantage of the association with the EHF to enhance the development of high impact enterprises in New Zealand.
So, if you have what it takes, apply and get accepted to the EHF fellowship program before proceeding with your GIV application.

What are the qualification criteria for Global Impact Work Visa?

Here are the various steps of the Global Impact Visa process:
  • Make an application to the EHF
  • Get a letter of acceptance from EHF, if selected
  • Apply for Global Impact Visa with the INZ (include your acceptance letter from the EHF)
  • Include documentation such as police letters verifying a clear record, medical reports, character certificates and other relevant documents to satisfy the GIV requirements
  • Show that you have at least NZ$ 36,000 to take care of your and your family’s expenses during your 1st year in New Zealand
INZ works with a limit of issuing just 400 GIVs in 4 years, so time your application least you miss the window of opportunity. Immigration Advisers NZ has put together a highly experienced team that knows the ins and outs of the Global Impact Visa process to help you succeed. Contact us now to book a completely free consultation with our immigration consultants.

What is the validity of Global Impact Visa?

A GIV will let you stay in New Zealand for a maximum of 36 months.
On a Global Impact Work Visa, you can:
  • Work and study while you stay in the country
  • Make a permanent residency application once you have been with the EHF for 30 months
  • Be self-employed or hired by any employer anywhere in the country
  • Enter/Exit New Zealand multiple times

What conditions does INZ impose on Global Impact Work Visa?

You must satisfy the following conditions on your Global Impact Visa:
  • Your partner and dependent children cannot be included in your visa application. However, they may apply for separate visas based on your relationship with them
  • INZ will not let you apply for residency if you are no longer tied to the EHF
  • You must not request or benefit from welfare assistance during your stay in New Zealand
The process to seek residency through the GIV does come with some unique challenges. You first have to get the EHF fellowship (which accepts only 100 candidates annually with intake happening twice a year), and then you have to compete for the 400 per 4-year limit on the GIVs. Also, if you are found to be in breach of any Global Impact Visa condition, your permanent residency gets in trouble.
All this can get pretty daunting, and you may end up making mistakes. Let our Auckland-based team of immigration experts guide you through the Global Impact Work Visa process. Book your 100% free consultation slot to seek answers to all your immigration questions.

What about the cost and processing time to get a Global Impact Work Visa?

INZ typically takes 5-6 months to process a Global Impact Work Visa application. However, individual circumstances that may involve PPI (Potentially Prejudicial Information) letters from the INZ may lead to increase processing time. Note that not responding to communication from the INZ in time can lead to delays or rejection of your visa application, the same may happen if the documentation is insufficient or incorrect.
Our immigration team is committed to helping you meet your New Zealand immigration goals quickly and that too at the best price. We spare no effort in studying your case carefully and flushing out all the details upfront, so there is no rework to waste your time/money.
Let us help you get your GIV cost-effectively and efficiently. Contact us for an absolutely free consultation with one of our immigration experts.

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