New Zealand Family Visas

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) offers a variety of New Zealand Family Visas to help dependent children, partners, parents and grandparents of visa holders, residents and citizens to bring families together in the country.

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Considering family immigration to New Zealand? Here are your options:

New Zealand is one of the finest places to bring up children, spend quality time with your partner and supporting your parents/grandparents in the prime of their life. The family immigration to New Zealand is made easier with the family-friendly, safe and healthy environment of the country, which is well supported by its state-of-the-art education and social services offerings.
You have various New Zealand Family Visas to choose from – we are here to help you make the right decision when it comes to picking the best path of family immigration to New Zealand.
Your partner can get a partnership based visa to join you in New Zealand. INZ has its own definition of partnership, so make sure you can prove the relationship status as per the visa terms. You may take different paths to get your partnership based visa, and the choice you make determines what social services you can avail during your stay – so pick wisely.
Your dependent children can get visas for dependent children to join you in New Zealand. INZ offers multiple options under this New Zealand Family Visas category. Note that the qualification criteria are different for each dependent child visa category, and your choice will determine what your kids can do during their stay – seek expert immigration guidance to make the right choice.
Visas for parents and grandparents allow your older folks to experience the safe, family-friendly and healthy living environment of New Zealand. You can bring them to New Zealand on a resident or visitor visa. INZ offers multiple visa options with different criteria and duration – we can help you choose the best path to meet your current situation and future needs.

Pick the right New Zealand Family Visa

INZ has a specific way of defining family for immigration and visa purposes – this may or may not align with how a family is defined in your country. The definition sometimes varies based on whether you are applying for a temporary visa (visitor visa or student visa) or an NZ resident visa.
You will need to provide detailed documentation to establish your relationship to the primary applicant to avoid delays or rejection of your visa application. INZ will also need to see evidence of your finances and immigration history before approving your New Zealand Family Visa application.
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