Visas to Study in New Zealand

The schools, universities and educational institutes of New Zealand are known around the world for their high teaching standards. The qualifications you gain here are recognized internationally and appreciated by employers everywhere. Get a New Zealand Study Visa to unlock the gates to an excellent education.

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Want to study in New Zealand? Here are your visa options

If you’re going to study in NZ for more than 3 months, you will have to obtain a New Zealand Student Visa. Once you satisfy New Zealand Study Visa requirements and INZ approves your student visa, you will be well on your way to attend school, take one or more courses (depending on what New Zealand Student Visa you pick) or undergo training in the country.
Immigration New Zealand (INZ) offers multiple student visas to help you study in the country. New Zealand Study Visa process is different for each student visa category, and a wrong choice can put a dent on your career. So, make the right decision – we can help you pick the right New Zealand Study Visa.
This visa will allow you to study at an acclaimed New Zealand education establishment. You must have a letter of acceptance from the school you will be attending, and prove that you can fund your education to meet the New Zealand Study Visa requirements.
Pathway Student Visa allows you the opportunity of pursuing study in up to 3 consecutive courses without having to obtain a separate New Zealand Study Visa for each – this NZ Student Visa allows you to stay in the country for up to 5 years while you finish your courses.
Once you are done with your education in New Zealand, you may want to kick-start your career in the country as well. INZ offers you the opportunity to apply for a Post-Study Work Visa – this visa allows you to work for any employer and take up almost any job for 3 years.

How do you decide on the right New Zealand Study Visa?

It is good to have options, but it may be hard to pick when your career depends on the path you choose. New Zealand Study Visa requirements are different for each student visa, and it may be better to pick one over the other based on your current situation and career plans.
Immigration Advisers NZ has an excellent Auckland-based team of immigration experts who have vast experience in the New Zealand Study Visa process. We will help you pick the right visa to study in New Zealand by ensuring your plans are met by the decision you make – and to top it all, we offer our expert visa services at very reasonable prices. Book a slot for an absolutely free consultation with our expert immigration advisers.

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