Visas For Dependent Children

You may make your dependent children part of your visa application if they are single, fall in the right age limit, and you are supporting them financially.

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Based on their relationship with you, your kids may also be eligible for a Dependent Child Visa NZ – you can apply for their visa while making your visa application or separately if you are a New Zealand citizen, or already hold a valid visa.

What are the eligibility requirements for New Zealand Visas for dependent children?

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) will approve visas for dependent children only if they are single. The criteria differ based on what kind of Dependent Child Visa NZ you apply for. These are the various options you need to pick from:

Dependent Child Visa Based on a Temporary Visa

If you hold an NZ temporary visa, the following are the Dependent Child Visa NZ qualification criteria – based on how old the children are:
  • Below 17 years old: The child must be unmarried and dependent on you and/or your partner for his/her financial needs
  • Between 18 and 20 years old: The child must be unmarried, not be a parent and dependent on you and/or your partner for his/her financial needs
Children who have attained the age of 20 cannot be added to the visitor visa application of their parent – they cannot even apply for a separate student or visitor visa by virtue of being the offspring of the principal visa applicant. However, they are free to apply for their own New Zealand visa in a category they may otherwise qualify for.

Dependent Child Visa Based on a Worker Visitor Visa

Note that Dependent Child Visa NZ is not allowed for all New Zealand Work Visa categories – you must consult a qualified immigration adviser to figure out your options.
If your New Zealand visas for dependent children are based on your Worker Visitor Visa, the kids can live in the country for the duration listed on your visa. During their stay in the country:
  • They can explore the country as a tourist
  • Study for less than 3 months – if they wish to study for longer than that, they will need to get a student visa.
The complexity of qualification criteria for visas for dependent children makes it difficult and error-prone to choose the right option. Our Auckland based immigration experts have been helping our clients get approvals for the right Dependent Child Visa NZ provides to meet their specific needs. Book your slot for a 100% free consultation to discuss your situation.

Dependent Child Visa Based on a Resident Visa

The following criteria must be satisfied by your kids to qualify for visas for dependent children based on your New Zealand Resident Visa. The conditions vary by age:
  • Below 17 years old: The child must be unmarried
  • Between 18 and 20 years old: The child must be unmarried and not be a parent
  • Between 21 and 24 years old: The child must be unmarried, not be a parent and must depend on an adult for financial needs
Also, the child must meet the English language fluency requirements if he/she has attained the age of 16.
Dependent Child Visa NZ eligibility may also be affected by things such as Refugee Family Support Category, Pacific Access Category, Family Quota and Samoa Quota Scheme.
If you failed to include your children in your original visa application even though they qualified for visas for dependent children, INZ would ask you to provide the reason for skipping them in the first place.
A lot of reasons may disqualify your children from getting a New Zealand Dependent Child Visa. They may, however, apply for their independent visas to enter New Zealand.
Your dependent children will be able to live and study in the country indefinitely once INZ approves their Dependent Child Visa NZ application – they will also be allowed to work if they have attained the employment age.

Dependent Child Student Visa

Things work a bit differently in New Zealand compared to many other countries when it comes to the schooling of dependent children of people on non-resident visas – they are not allowed regular primary, intermediate and secondary schooling without first getting a Dependent Child Student Visa.
INZ does not allow all visa categories to apply for an NZ Dependent Child Student Visa. Also, the Dependent Child Student Visa duration is the same as that of the parent’s visa.
Dependent Child Student Visas allow your children to attend regular primary and secondary schools in New Zealand – they may even be eligible for free schooling like the domestic students.
Your children will, however, need to apply for separate Student Visas if they wish to attend tertiary level schools.
Note that the following conditions apply for your child to qualify for a Dependent Child Visa NZ if you are on a student visa. You must:
  • Be an exchange student on an approved plan or enrolled in a recognized university’s PhD programme, and
  • Be getting a scholarship that is attached to some aid programme
INZ regulations for visas for dependent children are not easy to follow – what your children are allowed to do during their stay in New Zealand depends on what visa you bring them on.
Do not make the wrong visa choice for your dependent children. The consultants at Immigration Advisers NZ have many years of experience working with the most complex immigration and visa situations. Book your 100% free consultation and let us help you chose the right visa option for your dependent children.

How much time and money does it take to get a New Zealand Dependent Child Visa?

INZ processing time for visas for dependent children varies based on the kind of visa the parent holds. Dependent Child Visa applications for resident visas take a few months to process while the ones based on New Zealand Temporary Visas get adjudicated in a matter of weeks.
A lot of documentation needs to be carefully drafted and presented to avoid delays or rejections of your Visas for Dependent Children.
We have experienced and licensed immigration professionals on our team to help you achieve your NZ immigration dream without any hassles – we offer the best services at the lowest prices. Our attention to detail earlier on means we uncover any potential problems up front, preventing any late surprises and rework.
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