Working Holiday Visa

New Zealand has entered into working holiday agreements with some countries – if you happen to be from a country approved by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) for the Working Holiday Visa NZ provides, you can explore the fun and adventure side of the “land of the long white cloud” while you use part of your stay for work and/or study.

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“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – not with the Working Holiday Visa NZ offers. New Zealand Working Holiday Visa is ideal for you if you are from a country INZ has a working holiday arrangement with.
The working holiday New Zealand visa gives you the opportunity which can be used for vacationing while you study and/or work on the side – of course, you must be able to support your working vacation financially.

What are the qualification criteria for the New Zealand Working Holiday Visa?

The working holiday NZ offers is only valid for countries it has entered into a working holiday arrangement with, and INZ does not treat every country on the list the same – the conditions change based on where you come from.
The working holiday New Zealand allows under this visa requires you to satisfy the following criteria; you need to:
  • Be between 18 and 30 years old – this range is 18-35 for specific countries
  • Belong to a country New Zealand has a working holiday arrangement with
  • Show funds to travel out of the country before your visa expires
  • Establish financial ability to sustain your stay in NZ – this amount depends on which country you come from
  • Not take up full-time employment in New Zealand
  • Satisfy INZ’s good health requirements or furnish a Health Waiver to take care of Medical Issues, if you apply for the 23-month Working Holiday Visa NZ provides
  • Not take up any illegal work
  • Stay away from companies engaged in offering commercial sex to patrons
Note that this working holiday New Zealand allows you to enjoy does not permit you to bring your dependent children along – even your partner will need to get a separate visa to enter the country.

What is the validity of the Working Holiday Visa NZ provides?

You will have to leave the country within 12 months if you are going to use this visa to relish this working holiday New Zealand provides – applicants from the United Kingdom and Canada are allowed 23 months.
Irrespective of how long a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa you apply for, you must obey the following INZ regulations; you must not:
  • Work for longer than 12 months
  • Participate in study or training totalling north of 6 months
If you were eligible for a 23-month Working Holiday Visa NZ provides but you only applied for 12 months initially, you can use the balance while extending your visa.
The fact that INZ does not apply the same rules for New Zealand Working Holiday Visa to applications from all countries on the working holiday list causes a lot of confusion, and hence mistakes by the applicants. These errors may sometime prove costly and lead to visa rejection – worse still, you could be found liable for deportation or banned forever from entering the county again. Book a completely free consultation with our Auckland-based immigration team to avoid hassles with your visit.

What are the conditions for extending a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa?

You can apply for a one-time 3-month extension to the working holiday New Zealand is allowing you. However, INZ places the following conditions on the extension; you must not:
  • Be employed by the same employer through your stay or have worked seasonal jobs continuously (even with different companies)
  • Have an employment offer
All conditions of your New Zealand Working Holiday Visa remain the same as they were before the extension.
Immigration Advisers NZ has been helping visitors from many countries with their original applications and visa extensions for many years. Our qualified immigration consultants know the pitfalls most people fall in during their New Zealand Working Holiday Visa process. Do not take any chances – contact us now and book a 100% free consultation to discuss your situation.

What is the time and money investment to get the Working Holiday Visa NZ offers?

The time it takes for the INZ to process New Zealand Working Holiday Visa varies with the country the applicant belongs to – typical processing time is 30 days though.
However, the processing time may be extended based on your circumstances – for instance, if you have any Character Issues and/or Medical Issues, it may take time to get waivers for the same. Situations that warrant a Special Direction, or if any parts of your application trigger Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI) letters from the officer handling your visa application may also lead to delays.
We have the experience and expertise to expedite your visa application while keeping the costs down. Book an absolutely free consultation session to speak with one of our immigration experts.

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