Visas to Invest in New Zealand

New Zealand presents ample opportunities for businesspeople to spend significant time in the country. You will be able to mix your entrepreneurial aspirations with the safe, healthy and family-friendly side of the country. The free markets are fertile ground for new ventures. Immigration New Zealand (INZ) provides multiple New Zealand Business Visa options – see what is on offer.

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Looking for a New Zealand Business Visa to invest and innovate?

New Zealand is the ideal place to pursue your investment, entrepreneurial and business goals. The country’s stable business environment is full of new opportunities, and the open markets provide the eco-system to innovate freely – you also get to immerse yourself in the fun and adventure offered by New Zealand’s open and green spaces.
You can pick a Business Visa NZ offers out of the bouquet of temporary and resident visas provided by the INZ. The options include the Global Impact Visa (GIV), various Entrepreneur Visas and Investor Visas. Immigration Advisers NZ is here to help you pick the right Business Visa NZ provides so you can maximise the potential of your investment and stay.
If your money, experience and international connections can benefit New Zealand, INZ offers various Investor Visa options for you to visit and reside in the country. Our Auckland-based team of immigration experts can help you choose the right visa for your situation.
If you are an entrepreneur who wants to work in your business while enjoying the strong society, favourable markets and personal freedom offered by New Zealand, INZ provides both work and resident Entrepreneur Visa options. We can help you choose the best path to meet your goals.
Global Impact Visa is the ideal visa for you if you want to work in New Zealand while supporting or establishing ground-breaking initiatives in the country. You may also work towards permanent residency once you have satisfied the terms of your visa.

How do you pick the right Business Visa NZ has to offer?

Isn’t it wonderful that INZ provides you with so many options for a New Zealand Business Visa? But wait, you will be investing your hard-earned money and precious time in making this work. You do not want to start down the wrong path and end up taking a financial beating and losing time you could have used better elsewhere.
We have helped many clients over the years with their investment-based moves to New Zealand. Our expert immigration team works closely with you to assess all aspects of your case to help you choose the right visa to suit your New Zealand immigration goals. We then put together a foolproof visa application to ensure your rapid success. What’s more? We provide our quality services at very reasonable prices. Book a 100% free consultation to see how we can help.