New Zealand Group Visitor Visa

Are you a group of people travelling to New Zealand for a common purpose? INZ makes the process of handling the visa and arrival formalities for all the travellers easy by providing for New Zealand Group Visitor Visa.

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Does your unit qualify for New Zealand Group Visitor Visa?

Everyone travelling to New Zealand will need to satisfy INZ’s good health and character prerequisites. Along with that, the following conditions also need to be met for this visa:
  • The entire unit must enter and exit New Zealand together
  • The group leader needs to fill out the Group Visitor Visa application
  • Everyone in the unit must fill the New Zealand Visitor Visa Application
  • You must prove financial ability to buy your tickets – the condition to have a valid return/onward ticket may be waived if your visa mentions “Return/onward travel not required”
  • Either the group should have the ability to support all expenses during their visit, or a qualified sponsor must be willing to foot the bill

What are the qualification criteria for a New Zealand Group Visitor Visa Sponsor?

Organisations such as school boards, government bodies, charitable groups, incorporated associations, registered businesses, tertiary establishments, school board trustees and residents/citizens of New Zealand can act as Group Visitor Visa sponsors.
The sponsors need to satisfy the following requirements:
  • The visit of the group must be linked to the activities undertaken by the sponsor
  • The trip must not be facilitated in exchange for monetary gain
  • There must not be any history of crimes related to immigration
  • INZ should not have come across any past visa sponsorship breaches by the sponsor
  • Nominate a contact to handle sponsorship responsibilities
  • Be financially viable, means not involved in any insolvency or bankruptcy process

What is the Group Visitor Visa sponsor responsible for?

Most New Zealand Group Visitor Visas are sponsored for a shared purpose by entities based inside the country. Here are some of the responsibilities of a Group Visitor Visa sponsor:
  • Take care of the well-being of the sponsored visitors by ensuring facilities such as health care, food and clothing during their stay in New Zealand
  • Provide suitable accommodation to the visitors during their visit, either directly or by paying for it
  • Ensure the visitors have a return ticket after their trip is over – the sponsor must pay for it if the visitors do not arrange for the same
  • Foot the bill for location, detention and transportation of the sponsored visitors back to their home country if they are found liable for deportation
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What is the duration of a New Zealand Group Visitor Visa?

You are typically allowed to live in New Zealand for 1 month on the New Zealand Group Visitor Visa. However, if you have a situation like a study tour that lasts more than a month, you can stay for longer.

What is the cost and time to get a New Zealand Group Visitor Visa?

You can expect INZ to process your NZ Group Visitor Visa application within 5 days if you work through an ADS (Approved Destination Status) representative. However, approaching the INZ directly may result in longer processing times (up to 28 days).
If your visit is sponsored by a New Zealand entity, INZ will be looking for a lot of convincing documentation to ensure the sponsor meets the requirements to facilitate the trip.
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