Special Directions

You do not qualify for a visa as per Immigration New Zealand (INZ) regulations. There is no way you are going to make your immigration dream by fighting the INZ – they are not going to bend backwards to let you in. What you need is something to help you bypass the rules. The Minister can use his/her discretionary powers to issue you a Special Direction – go for it.

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You really want to be in New Zealand, but you just don’t seem to qualify for a visa as per the INZ rules.
The Minister of Immigration has been vested with discretionary powers they can exercise in cases of merit – a Special Direction from the Minister can help you overcome the hurdles placed by specific sections of the Immigration Law that make it otherwise impossible for you seek the visa you covet.

What is a Special Direction?

New Zealand’s immigration policy gives special rights to the Minister of Immigration, so he/she can decide what parts of the law must be enforced to adjudicate your visa application.
The Minister is empowered to grant you a New Zealand visa under specific terms and conditions laid down by him/her – note that these special provisions may even be outside the immigration regulation framework. The reason the Minister can do this is because Special Directions do not have to be ratified by the House, as they are not legislative mechanisms.
Note that you have no legal right that obligates the Minister to consider your request for a Special Direction – it is the exclusive privilege of the Minister and his/her appointed executives, who may issue Special Directions at their own discretion.
It is not easy to get the Minister to issue a Special Direction unless you have a truly exceptional case, so work with an immigration expert who has a good track record of getting Special Directions. Immigration Advisers NZ knows how to prepare a foolproof case to get the Minister to use his/her discretionary powers to help you with a Special Direction. See how we can help – book a complimentary consultation session (100% free).

What can Special Direction do?

Special Direction is a very potent weapon in situations where New Zealand stands to gain substantially by your presence in the country, but the rigorous pursual of the immigration law by the INZ makes it impossible for you to get past the gates.
So, it is about convincing the Minster of your potential and the awards for New Zealand by letting you in. Here are some situations that can benefit from a Special Direction:
  • Allowing entry to New Zealand or get a visa in cases where the same has been prohibited before
  • Invite a resident visa application from a foreigner who has not expressed interest in coming to New Zealand
  • Getting the Minister to process a visa application as opposed to the INZ
  • Obtaining a waiver for a Character Issue or Medical Issue
  • Imposing, bypassing or altering some condition(s) of an NZ visa application
  • Waiving the financial requirements of a visa, including fees, etc.
Note that your visa is not automatically rejected if you fail to get the Special Direction – you can still continue with your visa application as part of the normal process. Our Auckland-based team staffed with licensed immigration professionals is standing by to help you – you are welcome to visit us to discuss your case personally. Let us help you get your New Zealand visa even if you do not meet all INZ requirements. Book a 100% free consultation and let us help you get a Special Direction to succeed with your visa application.

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