Medical Issues

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) considers healthiness as a crucial deciding factor while processing both temporary and resident visa applications. If you have any medical issue, you will not be able to procure your visa unless you obtain a Medical Waiver to take care of your health situation. Not all medical conditions qualify for a waiver – we can help.

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Eating well, exercising and staying healthy is a personal choice – some people make this an essential part of their lifestyle, and some prefer to let it slide.
Nevertheless, your health may have serious implications when you apply for a visa to come to New Zealand. INZ will not approve your visa if they find your health not meeting the ASH (Acceptable Standard of Health) requirements. You must get Health Waivers for your medical conditions to get your visa.
However, if you are coming to New Zealand for consultations related to your health or get medical treatment, you are exempt from the ASH requirements.

Has INZ sent you a PPI letter for a medical issue?

INZ issues PPI (Potentially Prejudicial Information) letters to allow you to respond when it finds any medical issues in your NZ visa application.
The immigration officer working on your case may decide that your presence in the country will put additional strain on public healthcare and special education systems of the country. If the chances of this happening are beyond 50%, you may find them using “relatively high probability” in their evaluation.
However, not all is lost if you fail to meet the ASH requirements, you can get a Health Waiver to take care of the medical issues pointed out in the PPI letter.
You will need to convince the immigration officer handling your case that your medical issues will not be a burden on New Zealand and why he/she should approve your visa. Our Auckland-based immigration experts have a lot of experience in dealing with PPI letters for medical issues – we can help you get a Health Waiver and create an excellent response to the PPI letter. Book a 100% free consultation to get started.

Is your medical condition a good candidate for a Health Waiver?

INZ holds the cards when it comes to deciding whether your medical condition qualifies for the grant of a Medical Waiver. Here, we present some of the factors that INZ uses to determine your eligibility for a Health Waiver.
For temporary NZ visas, you may qualify for a Health Waiver in the absence of a “relatively high probability” of you requiring:
  • Hospital admittance
  • Use of a residential facility
  • Access to costly disability services
  • Expensive medicines
For residential NZ visas, you may qualify for a Health Waiver based on:
  • Length of stay
  • Value of what you can contribute to New Zealand
  • Immediate family living in the country – their length of stay and other circumstances may be deciding factors too
  • Cost to New Zealand’s healthcare system and special education, if you were to live here
This is not, by any means, the complete list – your personal situation may also be considered by the INZ for the grant of a Health Waiver; you will need an expert representation of your case by an immigration professional though. We have the best team in New Zealand immigration business and will be happy to assist you with your medial issues. Book an absolutely free consultation session to discuss your situation.

Can you ask for a second opinion?

You bet! Some INZ provisions can be used to get a second opinion to justify a Health Waiver for your case.
If another health practitioner disputes the original INZ medical assessment, a different assessor will be appointed by the INZ as an umpire.
Your behavioural, physical and intellectual health may lead the Ministry of Education to believe that you may be eligible for an ORRS (Ongoing and Reviewable Resourcing Schemes) program – this may have a substantial bearing on your visa outcome. In such cases, asking for a second opinion is something to be considered seriously.
The second assessor’s decision is final and binding – INZ will not entertain any appeals for this after that.
Do not forego the opportunity of asking for a second opinion if you are not convinced by the findings of the INZ with regards to your medical issues. Immigration Advisers NZ has many years of experience in dealing with second opinions. Book an absolutely free consultation slot to see how we can help.

How do you get a Health Waiver for your medical issue?

INZ will need detailed documentation and well-represented evidence to be convinced that it can grant you a visa in spite of your medical issues. Your Health Waiver application may get pretty involved, and you may even have to get a second opinion to move further.
Before it gets too late to revive your dying visa application, engage a competent immigration professional to get you a timely Health Waiver. Give yourself the best shot – book a complimentary consultation with our immigration experts.

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