Character Issues

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has to be convinced of your good character before granting you a visa. Your presence in the country must not pose any threat or tarnish New Zealand’s image in the world. Do you have Character Issues? You will need to furnish a Character Waiver or even a Special Direction in some cases before you can get a New Zealand Visa.

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Everybody has a past they do not like to talk about in public. However, when it comes to obtaining a New Zealand Visa, if the INZ comes across a Character Issue in your application or via other means, they would require you to get a Character Waiver or a Special Direction before granting you an NZ visa.
Should you get a Character Certificate or Special Direction? It depends on the gravity of your situation and specific factors. Our Auckland-based team can help you decide. Book a complimentary consultation session with our licensed immigration experts to discuss your case.

When must you get a Character Waiver?

If you have a Character Issue, INZ would require you to obtain a Character Waiver for it before approving your New Zealand Visa.
What does Immigration New Zealand consider a Character Issue? The list covering all items that are regarded Character Issues is a long one. However, here are the most common Character Issues that can be dealt with by getting a Character Waiver:
  • Convictions leading to prison
  • Sentencing in any country for dishonesty, drugs sex or violence
  • Lying, providing misleading information or hiding facts on a New Zealand visa application
  • Held guilty by any country for crimes related to citizenship, immigration or passport
You must furnish a Character Waiver with your NZ visa application for any Character Issue you can determine upfront. INZ may issue a PPI (Potentially Prejudicial Information) letter if it identifies Character Issues in your immigration case as well.
Either way, you are not getting a New Zealand visa unless you take care of your character issues to INZ’s satisfaction. Don’t waste time – not doing anything or mishandling the situation will lead to delays or rejection of your visa. Let the highly experienced team of Immigration Advisers NZ help you manage your character issues to succeed in your visa application – book a 100% free consultation slot.

When must you get a Special Direction?

If INZ determines that you have severe character issues, the chances of getting your visa approved become significantly grim.
The only way for you to pursue your visa application in such cases is to approach the INZ for a Special Direction. INZ has discretionary powers, which it may exercise to move ahead with your case by imposing specific conditions or waiving some documentation requirements on your New Zealand visa.
What does INZ regard as a serious character issue? The guidelines to decide what character issues may be considered as severe are broad and INZ may further expand the definition to handle a particular case; you may be deemed as having a serious character issue if you have been:
  • Removed, excluded or deported from any country
  • Sentenced in the past with a jail term exceeding 5 years
  • Ordered more than 1 year jail time in the past 10 years
  • Banned from coming to New Zealand
  • Considered by INZ as someone who may do something to warrant jail time in New Zealand
  • Deemed a threat to security, interest or public order if you are allowed in the country
Getting a Special Direction is not easy, and yet, it may be the only solution at your disposal in some cases. Do not squander your chances of getting a New Zealand visa. Let Immigration Advisers NZ use their expertise and experience to help you get a Special Direction for your unique immigration situation. Book an absolutely free consultation slot to discuss your case.

How do you acquire a Character Waiver or Special Direction?

Note that INZ is not restricted to using the data you provide on your visa application to determine if you have a character issue – it may use any material available in the public domain or uncover the information via some other medium/mechanism.
Getting a Character Waiver or Special Direction needs expert representation to explain the backdrop, nature and solution of the character issues that jeopardize your visa application.
If your character issues go unhandled, INZ will not approve your visa application, and your goal of coming to New Zealand may not be fulfilled. We can help you revive your New Zealand dream by representing your case and get you a Character Waiver or Special Direction as we have done for so many clients over the many years we have been in business.
Our immigration experts will help you make a strong immigration case by putting together the right documents, evidence and substantiate it with convincing arguments. Book an absolutely free consultation to discuss your situation.

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