Immigration Appeals

Has Immigration New Zealand (INZ) rejected your visa application or ordered your deportation? It is not the end of the road. You may still approach the Immigration and Protection Tribunal (IPT) and file an immigration appeal to get the decision overturned. Give your New Zealand dream another chance – we have the expertise and the experience to get you a favourable decision.

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Has your New Zealand visa application been declined? Has INZ moved to order your deportation? Making an immigration appeal with the IPT may well be your last chance to turn things around, but you have to do this quickly and under expert guidance.

What is Immigration and Protection Tribunal?

IPT is an independent decision-making body under the New Zealand Ministry of Justice. Its role is to take up appeals against INZ rulings. Some of the immigration appeals that IPT hears are INZ verdicts regarding:
  • Deportation
  • Resident Visas
  • Changes to refugee status (also covers New Zealand citizens)
A District Court judge heads the 18 member tribunal. The Governor General appoints the members based on Minister of Justice’s recommendations.

Why should you file an Immigration Appeal?

You have just been hit by an INZ decision that can potentially change your life forever, and you can either take the decision lying down or stand up to fight the verdict. Immigration Appeal is your golden chance to get your immigration status back in order.
INZ’s ruling may be a result of an error on your visa application – something that can be rectified. Or you may have failed to provide a satisfactory response to a PPI (Potentially Prejudicial Information) letter issued by the immigration officer handling your case. The experienced team at Immigration Advisers NZ has helped a lot of clients in its many years of practice get favourable IPT decisions with their Immigration Appeals. Don’t let the opportunity slip by – book a complimentary consultation session with our licensed immigration professionals to discuss your situation.

When should you make an Immigration Appeal?

You are racing against time here. Do not wait another day – make your immigration appeal as soon as possible. Here are the timelines laid down by the IPT for taking up immigration appeals in various situations:
  • Breach of visa terms – 28 days within deportation notice
  • Present in New Zealand unlawfully – 42 days
  • Refusal of resident visa – 42 days
  • Application to review some other INZ decision – 28 days
  • Cancellation of temporary visa by the Minister – Humanitarian appeal can be filed within 28 days of the issue of deportation liability notice.

How much time does IPT take to decide an Immigration Appeal?

Immigration Appeals related to resident status typically take 3-6 months, and humanitarian appeals filed for the deportation of non-resident visa holders usually get decided in 2-4 months. Note that these are indicative times and may vary based on the complexity of the situation – which can get worse if the appeal is not made in the right manner, like missing information or errors in supporting documents.
Making an immigration appeal is a complicated legal subject – after all, you have to prove INZ wrong. You must work with an immigration expert who has a lot of experience in getting INZ decisions overturned by the IPT. Our Auckland-based team of immigration experts knows just what to do to get you back on track quickly. Book a 100% free consultation and let us guide you through the immigration appeal process.

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