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Immigration Advisers NZ staffs the best professionals in the business, working out of our Auckland office. We have immense experience in all sorts of temporary and resident New Zealand visas. Our expertise in dealing with Immigration Issues such as PPI letters, Section 61 requests, Deportation and Health/Medical Issues makes us your one-stop-shop for all your immigration needs.

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We place your interest before ours

We breathe and live customer service – and that is not limited to serving with a smile. Our dedicated immigration experts go the extra mile to meet your immigration goals. This does mean that we have to spend extra effort in providing you with the best solutions, but we do it with one goal in mind – whatever we do must serve your immediate concerns and long term ambitions.
We do not stop at throwing a bunch of options and paperwork at you. Our motive is to work with you to provide you with the results that meet your long term immigration goals so that you can maximize the potential of your stay in New Zealand.

You can always depend on us

You can count on us on being there for you at all times of need, not only before you get your visa but also after you start living, working and studying in New Zealand. We have the experience and knowledge to guide you while you work hard at realizing your New Zealand dream, avoiding pitfalls in the process that may land you in trouble with Immigration New Zealand.
With us, you can enjoy your stay in the country without worrying about immigration hassles – we take care of all aspects of your visa and status, so you can focus on fulfilling your desires.

Our services are second to none

Our immigration team takes pride in cultivating long term healthy working relationships with our clients. We can do this because of the personal attention we give to all our customers. You not only get the best immigration advice from us, but we also help you get through the process at the most reasonable rates and at the fastest pace possible.
So, don’t wait to make your New Zealand immigration dream a reality – book your 100% consultation session and let us help you achieve your aspirations.

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